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ITOPs as a Service

Does this sound familiar?

We all agree that SysAdmins are heroes without capes who work hard to ensure that IT systems run 24/7/365 and are accessible to users. To celebrate SysAdmin Day 2022, we are featuring a few of our systems and network champs at Bluecorp.

Few of our SysAdmins previously featured in Social Media
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Amila manages the IT infrastructure for a leading European airline. His work involves managing a wide variety of infrastructure platforms on a daily basis.


What I love about my job is my direct involvement in solving IT issues of such a critical operation and managing an IT infrastructure of more than 350 servers in European data centres and the cloud. As a global team, we are forcing continuous improvement of the service delivery and I do play an important role for my client and colleagues.

Ahmed is a Senior Network Engineer with nearly two decades of experience managing large global networks.


He currently works for a US client working on multiple Geo located Data centres and offices across the US, EU and APAC. Ahmed works with Cloud technologies, routing, switching, network automation, and network security. I love my job as it involves providing solutions for mission-critical issues.

Waruna Kuruppu_edited.png

Waruna & Wasantha This dynamic duo manages server room and cloud infrastructure for an ISO-27001 certified software development company supporting over 150 end users. In addition to administrating the hardware and virtualization platforms, their work involves managing cloud solutions such as Google Cloud and Office 365.

Implementing new technologies and solving challenging user issues keep them happy and excited with their day-to-day work!

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What are the top challenges faced by your SysAdmins?
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