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QA as a Service

Unleash the Power of Agile Quality Assurance

We understand that in today's fast-paced business landscape, SMEs and startups require adaptable and cost-effective solutions to stay ahead of the competition. That's why we've used our decades of experience to provide you with QA as a Service model, designed to provide unparalleled flexibility and scalability to meet the demands of modern businesses.

Cost Optimization

Rather than hiring full-time QA engineers, our QAaaS model allows you to allocate resources only when needed.

Timezone Advantage

Leverage our Sri Lankan tech office (IST) time difference with the US, EU and AU for round-the-clock testing and faster feedback cycles.

Suite of QA Services

We offer a complete suite of customizable software QA services covering functional, performance, security, usability, compatibility testing & QA automation.


Easily scale your QA team up or down based on project milestones, peak seasons and project phases.

Fresh Perspective

Our QA engineers operate closely yet independently from your dev team, enabling unbiased insights into otherwise difficult to find issues.

Experienced QA Engineers

ISTQB-qualified QA engineers with years of experience working with various QA tools such as Selenium, Cucumber, JUnit, TestNG, etc.

Blue Background

We assisted a US start-up in building a cutting-edge organizational health and team engagement platform used by organizations in the USA. The Bluecorp team provided QA services on both mobile and web platforms, ensuring seamless performance and functionality.

Our French client is a market leader in providing B2B and B2C subscription management platforms in France. QA services were provided to support the development of their web platform. 

Quality is a top priority.

Your customer satisfaction, reputation and safety are at risk with products that are not properly tested. With ever-increasing compliance, regulation and security concerns,

the risk is even beyond mere customer satisfaction.

Start improving your product quality now!

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