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We tested the coding capabilities of ChatGPT. Here are the results!

Everyone is talking about ChatGPT, a language processing model trained on a massive data set by OpenAI. We thought to give it a run and see for ourselves. The tests we did were simple and gave basic instructions to the chatbot.

While it might be a long way from making programmers obsolete, its capabilities & speed are impressive. All of the code included instructions and comments.

We leave it for our readers to remark about any improvements that could be made to the AI-generated code. You're free to test ChatGPT here.

Test 1:

#java #tensorflow #pdf

Write Java code to browse through files in a folder and identify pdf files with images of dogs using image recognition.

Test 2:

#php #react #node #kafka #redis

Write PHP code for an online poll to choose the favourite FIFA 2022 WorldCup team. Requested to include security, validations and error handling in addition to using Kafka and Redis.

A follow-up request was made to rewrite the code using React and Node.

Test 3:


a.) Write a T-SQL stored procedure to implement a bubble sorting algorithm of alpha-numerics.

b.) Optimize a simple T-SQL query taken from the web.

Test 4:

#aws #lambda #python #nlp

Write an AWS Lambda function in Python to check a string to see if it contains positive or negative sentiments.

Test 5:

#angularjs #nodejs

Write Angular.js code to capture contact details in a form and send an email when the form is submitted.

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